International Cooperation

In order to adapt to the development trends of economic globalization and educational internationalization, the Institute of International Education (IIE) was founded in August 2005 as a non-independent secondary college of Sanjiang University. The mission of IIE is to provide all-round internationalized premium higher education to students and cultivate practice-oriented international talents to serve the current social and economic development of China. While emphasizing the value outlook of humanism and the pinciple of teaching according to students’ ability, IIE has acquired and integrated both Chinese and foreign premium educational concepts and resources. The excellent teachers with extensive teaching experience and different international educational backgrounds have formed the international contingent of teachers at IIE, and all of them, together with the well-selected administrative professionals, cherish the firm faith of imparting the best education to the IIE students.

In the past four years, IIE has established cooperative relations with over ten sister colleges and universities in foreign countries such as USA, Canada, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Holland and South Korea, and the jointly-run international education programs include “Automobile Technology and Marketing”, “Business Administration”, “Applied Computer Technology”, “Accounting”, “International Economics and Trade” , and “Electric Automation”. Students enrolled into these programs study for two or three ytears at IIE and another one or two years in a sister college or university in a foreign country. Those who don’t go to study abroad can also choose to complete their education at IIE and earn a degree from Sanjiang University upon graduation.  

The IIE is located on the main campus of Sanjiang University with nearly one thousand regular students who are studying in over ten different programmes. A Sino-Australian Research Center for Nongovernment-funded Higher Education has been set up at Sanjiang University to provide IIE with sufficient professional support and help ensure the students’ general academic success at IIE.


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