Introduction to SJU

Sanjiang University (SJU) was founded in 1993 as a college and upgraded to an undergraduate university in February, 2002.

Sanjiang University can trace her history back to Sanjiang Normal School which was founded in 1902 and was the predecessor of Nanjing University, Southeast University and other key universities. In 1992, 90 years later, Sanjiang was reestablished by a number of retired professors and administrators from Nanjing University, Southeast University and other key universities in Nanjing. SJU is up to now the first private institution of higher education in Jiangsu Province, enrolling full-time students in independent campuses; SJU also belongs to the first four private undergraduate universities in mainland China. In May, 2007, SJU successfully passed the quality evaluation of the undergraduate schooling initiated by the Ministry of Education and reached the level of “Good”, the second to the best.

Sanjiang University currently has 18 schools and departments with a student body of 17,000. Her faculty and staff total 622, 115 of whom are entitled to professors and associate professors. SJU offers 31 undergraduate programs and 27 3-year college programs and has developed a coordinated multidisciplinary system of liberal arts, science, engineering, economics, management and other disciplines. SJU houses a state-level base for the development of disciplines with characteristics and two model experiment teaching centers at the provincial level. SJU has developed two “best courses” in Jiangsu province.

Sanjiang University always attaches importance to international exchanges and co-operations and has established a friendly relationship with eight universities in 7 countries and regions worldwide. SJU has built more than 10 foreign cooperative education programs and inter-school exchange programs. Besides, SJU has obtained the mutual recognition of credits between China-foreign sister universities. SJU employs dozens of short-term and long-term foreign experts each year. This year SJU is recruiting 60 students from South Korea.

Sanjiang University is striving to build herself into the first-class private university with local characteristics and provincial influence, giving priority to quality education and students’ experiment and practice. To reach this target, SJU continues to follow the national strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and gives full play to her own advantages.


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